Armed Assault 3

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Ein richtiges Kriegserlebnis in einer massiven Militärsimulation. Authentisch, vielfältig, offen – Arma 3 schickt Dich in den Krieg.

Über Armed Assault 3

In 2001 startete es mit dem erfolgreichen Spiel Arma: Cold War Assault (original: Operation Flashpoint*: Cold War Crisis). Arma 3 ist die neueste Fortsetung von <a title="Bohemia Interactive" href="">Bohemia Interactive</a>’s award-winning tactical military shooter series for PC. Set in a massive Mediterranean sandbox of over 290 km², featuring 40+ weapons and 20+ vehicles, Arma 3 provides an authentic, diverse and open combat experience – supported by a wide variety of singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay. Together with the brand new Real Virtuality™4 engine, limitless opportunities for content creation and a passionate community, the PC’s premier military simulation game series is back. Arma 3This Is War.


  • Altis & Stratis – Defeat your enemy on richly detailed battlefields – stretching over 290 km² of Mediterranean island terrain.
  • Weapons & Vehicles – Master a wide range of 20+ vehicles, aircraft and ships; choose your gear, pick from 40+ weapons, customize your loadout.
  • Solo & Multiplayer Gameplay – Be deployed in the open gameplay-driven campaign – or team up against your enemy in massive competitive and co-operative battles.
  • Content Creation – Design your own scenario with the powerful editor; create mods for others to play; join our creative community.
  • Real Virtuality 4.0 Engine – Navigate the battlefield with fluid new animations; feel the devastating power of combat with the upgraded sound engine, new ragdoll simulation and PhysX™ – supported vehicles.

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